The Homecoming on Broadway Tickets

The Homecoming on Broadway tickets can be bought online, from Broadway’s official website, or from local specialized theater box offices. Cheap Broadway tickets or discount Broadway tickets are available on, the official source for theater tickets for most theaters in New York. They can also be purchased from, in the tickets sections.

The safest way to buy Broadway tickets is to do it in person, from theatre box offices. This option helps you avoid service fees that usually come up when you buy online or by telephone. Usually, every theater has its box office, with a regular schedule from noon until 8 PM. Buying Broadway tickets direct from location is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to acquire tickets, unless there isn’t a special offer online.

Broadway tickets can also be purchased by telephone, but this method will imply service fees. Most Broadway shows, including The Homecoming , are handled by phone operators such as Telecharge or Ticketmaster. Buyers must add to the regular price of the ticket an additional average fee between $5 or $10.

Discount Broadway tickets are usually available on the internet. Online, you can buy them from web agencies, also known as ticket brokers, which can charge a little extra, sometimes up to 40% percent. But, sometimes, they offer discounts. In other cases, ticket brokers are the only ones who can find extra tickets to sold-out shows.

Cheap Broadway tickets can also be bought from the nonprofit Theatre Development Fund, who sells Broadway tickets through TKTS booths at lower prices, sometimes up to 20% or even 50% off the normal price. Still, there is a $4 a ticket service fee. With this option you can’t get tickets to all shows, only to the ones which are popular and achieving high sales on box offices.


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