The Homecoming on Broadway

The Homecoming on Broadway is a play by writer Harold Pinter, also a Nobel winner, set on stage on Broadway on December 2007. It received a Tony Award and it was directed by Daniel Sullivan. The awards included Best Actress in a Play, Best Featured Actor in a Play, Best Revival of a Play and Drama Desk Award.

The Homecoming is two-act play set in London and revolving around six characters. Among these characters there are five men who are related. One of the men, Teddy, who is an American philosophy professor who left the country, is engaged to Ruth, the only feminine presence in the play.

The Homecoming play was very well received by New York critics, one of them saying that The Homecoming changed his life and the way he perceived theater. Before reading this book, he never gave credit to the importance of the unspoken word. After reading it, he realized that words are like weapons. People use them to defend themselves.

The Broadway show from The Homecoming had only a few openings, but despite its limited life in the spotlight, it gained immense positive acclaim. The show had two premiers, one in London and another one in the United States. The London show featured actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company, actors that were kept for the Broadway performance. The Homecoming was also broadcasted on BBC Radio 3.

The play and the show are both regarded as masterpieces. The play has different levels of understanding, making the subtext hard to spot in the interaction between the characters. But, like in any other play from this author, even the smallest gesture or even the movement of a chair has the potential for great significance.

All in all, The Homecoming on Broadway was a huge success for the audience and also for the critics.


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